Momoyama Mooncake & Salted Eggyolk Pastry Giftbox 桃山月饼点心礼盒

Our baker learned this Momoyama mooncake from his Japanese tutor when he studied in Japan. 

Momoyama mooncake is a kind of J apanese wagashi, with a unique flavor. It is made of white kidney bean paste with egg yolk, milk, cream and other materials blended together. Delicate and famous all over the world. 

Momoyama mooncake pastries gift box has 5 momoyama mooncakes and 4 egg yolk pastries.

Serving Size 规格:        5  *   65g +4 * 70g

Storage Instruction 储存方法: Keep at cool, dry place for up to 14 days.

You can choose what flavour you like. Just let us know in notes.