Momoyama Mooncake (Grapefruit & Mandarian) 桃山月饼 (柚皮桔香)

Our baker learned this Momoyama mooncake from his Japanese chef when he studied in Japan. 

Momoyama mooncake is a kind of  Japanese wagashi, with a unique flavor. It is made of white kidney bean paste with egg yolk, milk, cream, and other materials blended together. Delicate and famous all over the world. 

Serving Size 规格:      65g

Ingredients 配料:     white bean paste, butter, white sugar, egg yolk, milk powder, whey protein, flour, grapefruit peels, mandarin peels, lemon peels, mandarin flavoring.

Storage Instruction 储存方法: Keep in a cool, dry place for up to 14 days.