Cube Bakery Mooncake & Eggyolk Pastry Gift Box 蛋糕大王月饼礼盒

Our mooncakes have a light, buttery crust paired with low fat, low sugar, refreshing and delicious fillings. Flavors include: Nutty Coconut, Citrus & Red Bean, Osmanthus Petal & Lotus Paste, Honeydew & Green Tea, as well as three 3 Red bean Eggyolk Pastries.

蛋糕大王月餅禮盒一盒55元。月餅口味有 椰香果仁。桔香紅豆。蓮香桂花。茶香蜜瓜。低油 低糖 餡味口感清爽美味 餅皮有乳香起士味濃。 加上三個紅豆蛋黃酥。